Thursday, April 5, 2007

here we go

this is my first, and probably last, blog. i am a certified computer-phobe and not a likely candidate for something as (to me, at least) outrageously sophisticated as blogging. which, to be fair, is something children apparently do. i don't measure myself by this as children also, evidently, return netflix videos and understand the mechanics of text messaging. i don't compare myself to children anymore. they set impossibly high technical standards and, simultaneously, maintain enviable complexions.

i will be blogging throughout my bikram teacher training--which is, for me, an equally unlikely endeavor. so, the next nine weeks will be wholly dedicated to the unlikely, the improbable, the possibly inadvisable, and the all-in-all-out-of-character.
it is my full intention to devote very little of this to the tedious study of asanas, anatomy, or higher spiritual causes.
i intend to complain about the complete stranger with whom i will be forced to share a hotel room for 56 nights.
i intend to endlessly mock my own sad renderings of certain postures.
i intend to develop a useless crush on someone who doesn't even notice i'm in the room.
i intend to bore you with the tiresome trivialities of how his utter unloving hurts me.
i intend to rant, in righteous crusades, about the financial burdens of the pricey tourist destination in which i stay.
i intend to make fun of everyone....only slighlty less than i make fun of myself.
i intend to describe, in inch by inch detail, the life shortening sunburn i am certain to entertain.

as they say.....its all about intentions.

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